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Evaporative Air Cooling Machine/ Air washer

Evaporative cooling is a method of converting hot air into a cool breeze using the process of evaporating water.
Evaporative Cooling Machines utilize the natural process of water evaporation along with an air-moving system to create effective cooling. Outside Ambient air is pulled through filters and it passes through the Cellulose Pads then it cools the air through water evaporation. A blower impeller circulates the cooled air throughout a department, Industrial Shed, Hall etc. by a suitable Ducting and grill network.
It is an adiabatic process and works on the principal of heat conversion (sensible to latent.) Evaporative air cooling removes no BTU's from the air as with mechanical refrigeration, it simply converts the heat in the air stream into a form we cannot feel. Heat from the Incoming air passing through a wet media is used to evaporate the water lowering the "dry bulb" temperature.

The performance of Evaporative System deteriorates as the humidity level increases in
atmosphere. Consequently, Evaporative Systems are not suitable for the humid and
coastal regions. These systems are generally suitable for dry areas. The effectiveness
of this system will be reduced during rainy seasons. At this time this system can be
used as a Fresh Air Ventilation system without using water pump.

Available Range of Evaporative Air cooling /Air washer :



Cellulose Pad and Spray type.


Single and Double Skin.


2000 CFM to 1,25,000 CFM. With single blower


30 mmwg to 80 mmwg.




AASTHA Make or any other make as per choice.


Backward / forward curved with single or double with FRP Lining if required.



Cooling  Media  

Cellulose Pads-Hutek Thailand / Munters Italy.


Spray Nozzles.



Discharge Direction

As Desired in available four directions.

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