( Heating ventilation and air conditioning )
Axial Flow Fans
Standard Fans:
Axial Flow fans are the equipments which draws air axially and throw axially in same direction.

These fans have number of aluminum die cast fixed /adjustable aerofoil blade capable to handle large volume of air.

Available Drive arrangements are : Direct drive and belt drive.
Available mounting arrangements are : Wall Mounted (Short casing) and Duct Mounted (long Casing)

Same impellers are used in Roof Exhausters, Bifurcated fans, tunnel ventilation fans (Two stage axial flow fans), man coolers etc
These fans are generally used for exhausting stale air or fumes from processes (such as spray painting booths), supplying ambient air, and general spot ventilation of people, Dry D.G. room ventilation or machinery cooling

Bifurcated Fans:
This type of fans is available only in direct drive arrangement and used in handling hot, hazardous and corrosive air/fumes.

This is a distinguished Axial Flow Fan in which the motor is bifurcated from the hot, hazardous and corrosive nature of air.

Roof Exhauster:
This type of fans is available only in direct drive arrangement.

This is a special type of Axial Flow Fans which is mostly placed on the roof of the department for general ventilation through truss / roof. The complete fan and motor are protected with a proper weather proof cowl.

Man Coolers:
Man Coolers are generally used for spot cooling of the man and machine in the work shop and any other areas.

These are available in Pedestal type, Bracket type and Tubular type.

Available Range of Axial Flow Fans ( Standard, Bifurcated, Roof Exhauster & Man Coolers):

  • Start from 300 mm diameter to 16000 mm
  • Air Qty from 1000 m3/hr to 90,000 m3/hr
  • Static pressure 3 mmwg to 40 mmwg
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