( Heating ventilation and air conditioning )
Dust Collector/ Separator
We are Manufacturing dust collectors for all types of dust/ powder in three type of shaking arrangement.

1. Manual Shaking type.
2. Mechanical Shaking type.
3. Reverse Pulse Jet type.

All type of dust collectors are having filter bag and the Bag is selected/designed as per the quality and properties of the dust/powder to collected/separated.

In manual shaking type dust collector the Bag is cleaned manually by lever arrangement.
In manual Mechanical type dust collector the Bag is cleaned by motor and cam arrangement.

In manual Pulse jet type dust collector the Bag is cleaned by reverse pulsing of air at high pressure. The compressed air should be absolutely free from moisture and oil to avoid any dampness on the filter fabric.

In each case the dust shall be drawn into the bag house by the centrifugal blower and fine dust shall be filtered on the inside or outside of the filter bag, thereby relatively clean air shall be let into the atmosphere.

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