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Spray Painting Booth

Spray painting Booth is used in painting areas where painting on different jobs is done. Using Spray painting booth in such areas is environment friendly as well as productivity.

AASTHA Spray Painting Booths are popular in industries because of their low power consumption and high efficiency. These booths are made in panel construction thus easy to assemble and maintain. This equipment is environmental friendly as the painting area and outside is free from volatile vapors and pigments.

can design special booths depends upon the requirement and application as they are pioneers in the manufacturing of centrifugal blowers and scrubbers. The industry is benefited by using these booths as it not only improves the working condition and also the products finish.

has got s wide variety of Spray Painting Booths such as table top, with pump, without pump, dry type, down draft and tailor made applications. Apart from the above, we also provide pressurization / air replacement units and Dust proofing system having built - in - air cooling chambers. The Spray Painting Booth is meant to scrub the synthetic enamel paints, lacquers, polyurethane, thinner and vanish etc.

- Automobile Parts
- Engineering Parts
- Engineering Industries
- Machine Parts
- Brass ware
- Watch Dials
- T. V. Cabinets
- Wooden Furniture's
- Sanitary Articles
- Cosmetics / Plastic Parts

Paint booth is Available in two option with and without pump.

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